Workify – developed for haulage companies in collaboration with our customers

Here are a few of those who are already using Workify

“We save loads of time by using Workify”

Mattias Sjökvist Åkeri AB in Alunda is one of the companies that has tried Workify. After only a few weeks, they could already see positive results in the form of major time-savings and a considerable reduction in manual work duties. To start with, it was only the company’s CEO and one of the crane drivers who tried the app. Today, Mattias Sjökvist Åkeri is a satisfied customer, and Workify is used by everyone in the company.
Mattias Sjökvist Åkeri AB
Mattias Sjökvist Åkeri AB
Åkeri AB John Andersson

“With Workify, we send invoices more frequently and have achieved considerably better liquidity”

Mikael Andersson, who is the owner of Åkeri AB John Andersson, immediately liked Workify the first time he used it. Now that he has been using the system for almost a year, he is fully convinced. Thanks to Workify, the amount of manual administration in the company has decreased considerably. In addition, the haulage company saves valuable time and sends invoices more frequently, which has significantly improved the company’s liquidity.
Åkeri AB John Andersson

“With Workify, we’ve been able to significantly cut the time from customer order to invoice”

In the haulage industry, Elleholms Maskin in Mörrum is a relatively young company. It was founded in 2009, becoming a limited company in 2011. The company performs all types of ground work and transportation, and currently has 14 vehicles of its own, including eleven lorries, two tractors and one crane truck. Workify has been used in the transport sector of the company since the beginning of 2020.
Elleholms Maskin AB
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Östgöta Mobilkranar AB

“The administration was taking up more and more of my time, and I felt I needed a better digital system”

Viktor Gil owns and runs the company Östgöta Mobilkranar AB, based in Norrköping. The business began in 2015 with one mobile crane, and today has three mobile cranes, three crane trucks, a hooklift truck and a telescopic loader. "With Workify, this work is done ten times more quickly, and the time-savings are enormous. Because it’s all digital, everything is there, right in my pocket! says Victor.
Östgöta Mobilkranar AB

"We chose Workify for our contracting company"

Långviksmon on the outskirts of Örnsköldsvik is home to Forsbergs Bygg & Anläggning. They mainly work in the forestry industry, but also perform contracting work. It was for this branch of their business that works manager Pär Edlund needed a new order processing system. The supplier he decided upon was Workify.
Forsbergs Bygg & Anläggning AB
Forsbergs Bygg och Anläggning AB