Digitize the haulage company with Workify

Less paper, increased efficiency & greater control.
In addition, less time between completing the work and having the money in the bank. 

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Move your haulage company into a higher gear with Workify

Workify is a system that has been specially designed for small and medium-sized haulage companies. Workify allows you to digitalise your entire flow – from customer orders to invoicing. Avoid having to rely on handwritten notes, manual driving slips and time-consuming administration. You will gain a better overview, save valuable time, and never miss out on getting paid for your work


All you need in one system

Workify digitalises your entire flow – from customer orders to invoicing. You gain an overview of your entire business in one system, and all the members of your team get access to the information they need. Workify works just as well on your mobile as on your computer.

Workify is used by haulage and transport companies all around Sweden

Five good reasons to choose Workify


Specially developed for haulage companies with 5 to 50 vehicles. Features those functions demanded by the industry, and nothing more. This makes Workify simple both to understand and to use.


Reduces the amount of manual paperwork. A haulage company can save 10 to 15 hours per driver, per month – valuable time that can be better spent on other things.


It is fast and easy to get started with Workify. We guide you and make sure that everything is done correctly. With the right conditions, you will be up and running within just a couple of hours.


Works equally well on mobiles, tablets and computers (both iOS and Android). Workify is cloud-based. You always have access to the system, regardless of whether you are out on a job or in the office.

Value for money

Digitalise your haulage company from just USD 1 per user, per day. There are no start-up costs, and no investments are required. Just one monthly fee, and only for as long as you remain satisfied.

Workify Integrations 2.0

Integration with your business and operating system

Workify can be integrated with the market’s most popular business and operating systems, including Fortnox and Visma. With a digitalised process, from order to invoice, you eliminate manual work duties, prevent errors, speed up the invoicing process, and improve liquidity.

No unnecessary commitments

Workify wants to have the industry’s most satisfied customers. With us, therefore, you only remain our customer for as long as you want to. Our contracts don’t include binding periods. Instead, we focus on developing good customer relationships, based on responsiveness, collaboration and confidence.
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Workify Fakturering Akeri

Improve liquidity

Workify allows you to simplify and speed up your invoicing process, thereby freeing up capital that is otherwise often bound up in paperwork. We believe that it must be better for this money to be in your bank account than tied up in unprocessed receipts for work that has been completed. Wouldn’t you agree?

“We made the transition from manual to digital in less than 24 hours. I think that is impressively quick!”
Sandra Högberg, Transport Leader, Anders Söderberg Transport AB

Workify Appen

Get started with Workify

One of Workify’s greatest strengths is that it is both fast and simple to get started. Once you have decided to become one of our customers, we will create an account for you and help you to upload your customer and item registers. You choose a few basic settings and download the app to your devices. When you are ready, we will then provide an introduction via the web. Then you’ll be ready to go! It doesn’t take more than a few hours.

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