“With Workify, we’ve been able to significantly cut the time from customer order to invoice”

In the haulage industry, Elleholms Maskin in Mörrum is a relatively young company. It was founded in 2009, becoming a limited company in 2011. The company performs all types of ground work and transportation, and currently has 14 vehicles of its own, including eleven lorries, two tractors and one crane truck. Workify has been used in the transport sector of the company since the beginning of 2020.

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Mike Knutsson has worked as transport leader at Elleholms Maskin since December 2019. Before that, he worked in transport management at a company in Jönköping for two years. His previous employer had worked digitally, so Mike had had time to try out a number of different systems, and he had a good idea of what he wanted.

When Mike arrived at Elleholms Maskin, they still performed their planning and transport management work manually. One of the first things he did was therefore to look for a digital order processing system that met his requirements and preferences. He found out about Workify, and decided to try it during a month-long trial.

“Workify satisfied most of my basic requirements”, explains Mike. It was easy to use, it had a clear and simple transport view, it could handle different material prices, it made it easy for drivers to do their time reporting and for me to plan and conduct follow-ups, and it was also integrated with our finance system.”

Not everything on Mike’s wishlist was included in the system to begin with, but Workify continually develops new functions in accordance with Mike and other customers’ wishes, so he is now really satisfied.

“The reason I decided on Workify was its mobility and simplicity”, explains Mike. The fact that I can add orders for the drivers and access the entire transport planning from my mobile is invaluable, as I’m not always at the office. And the drivers also think the app is easy to use, which is another big plus. The people at Workify are extremely receptive to my requests, and they are always fine-tuning things to make them better. Having such a flexible supplier is of immeasurable value for us, as a relatively small business.”

Since they began, Elleholms Maskin has processed almost 4,000 orders in Workify. The digitalisation of the order processing has saved them a lot of time, and the time between taking the order to having money in the bank has been significantly reduced. They now send their invoices more frequently, and Mike feels that he has acquired a completely different overview of the business – with regard to both his awareness of the work that has already been completed and the planning for the future.

“It took such a short time to get started, and the installation was very quick compared with other programs I’ve tried”, says Mike. Workify helped us to upload the customer register, and we then added our items and price lists by ourselves. It took a little time to get things exactly as I wanted them, but it is important to make sure that everything is correct, right from the start. It saves me an unbelievable amount of time.”

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Last edit 28 May 2021