“The administration was taking up more and more of my time, and I felt I needed a better digital system”

Viktor Gil owns and runs the company Östgöta Mobilkranar AB, based in Norrköping. The business began in 2015 with one mobile crane, and today has three mobile cranes, three crane trucks, a hooklift truck and a telescopic loader.

Östgöta Mobilkranar AB

“I started out with one crane, and, having enjoyed continual growth from the start, I now have ten employees. The development has involved a lot of transitioning – not least concerning the administrative work. The administration was taking up more and more of my time, and I felt I needed a better digital system that could process orders, time reporting and delivery slips more easily”, explains Victor.

Recommendation via Facebook

Victor first came into contact with Workify via a Facebook group dedicated to crane trucks.

“I’m involved in a crane truck group on Facebook. I used this forum to ask if anyone knew of any good software programs, and it was then that people recommended Workify. Our industry is unique, and there is a major need for software that can be adapted in accordance with our services. What I wanted was to be able to integrate an operational support system with Fortknox, so that the administration work would flow really smoothly. Workify makes this possible. I have now been using the system for a year, and I’m really happy with it.”

Ten times faster

Before Workify, there was considerably more administration and paperwork, which took up a lot of time every day.

“In the early years, all our administration was performed in paper form – orders and delivery slips that I had to manually enter into the computer, handwritten notes concerning the jobs, and invoices that needed to be checked and sent. With Workify, this work is done ten times more quickly, and the time-savings are enormous. Because it’s all digital, everything is there, right in my pocket! It’s also great that the developers behind Workify are so open about further developing the system in consultation with us customers. All companies work in slightly different ways, and if you have any requests for special functions, they will do everything and more to adapt the system to your needs.”

Several functions at once

Victor is particularly looking forward to the new function that will give a better overview of flat-bed rentals. He has his own thoughts and ideas about the development of the calendar function.

“One interesting thing that is due to be released shortly is a function for better coordination of rentals of flat-bed trucks. We will be able to use the app to see how long a particular flat-bed has stood at a particular location, who has it, etc. We are really pleased with the system, and are looking forward to our continued collaboration with Workify.”

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Last edit 28 May 2021