“We were up and running with Workify in just two weeks”

Ekmans Hedesunda AB is a haulage company that has been in Hedesunda outside Gävle since 1947. Today, the company is run by the third generation of the Ekman family – Krille and his two brothers Janne and Thomas. Krille is one of the reasons that Workify exists – it was his need for an administrative solution that inspired Hiab to start development work on the app.

Ekmans Hedesunda - Krille Ekman

Ekmans Hedesunda has 10 vehicles and 10 drivers. In addition to the haulage business, where they provide transportation for gravel, machine and cranes, the brothers also have a service garage where they work on trucks. Hiab is one of the company’s biggest customers.

Involved in the development

In February 2017, Krille took part in an Innovation Day event organised by Hiab with the aim of bringing customers together, where they set the challenge of coming up with 100 ideas related to the theme of digitalisation. One of the questions asked during the day was how Hiab could use digitalisation to improve its own or its customers’ business models. Krille mentioned his need for an administrative solution in order to increase efficiency and simplify his company’s transport management. His idea was one of those that was taken to the next stage, and now, 18 months later, the Workify tool is available on the market. Krille has been involved throughout the entire development journey, together with Hiab.

Scattered notes and transport slips resulted in weekend work

Before Ekmans Hedesunda began to use Workify, all their order processing, transport planning, follow-ups and invoicing were performed manually.

“I took all customer orders by telephone, noted what the customer wanted help with on a piece of paper, and then I called one of my drivers and told them what the order was for”, explains Krille. “The driver would then write a note of their own, with the same details, and then perform the job. When he was done, he would fill in his hours worked on a transport slip, which he handed in to me at the end of the week. This meant that me and my brother sat down every Saturday and went through the week’s 100 or so transport slips, and then produced the invoicing data so it would be ready for our administrator to send the invoices on the Monday. This took a ridiculous amount of time, and it was completely unnecessary.”

To begin with, it was only Krille and one of the drivers who trialled the app, but at the start of the summer the system went live throughout the entire company, and is now used by all ten drivers, as well as the company’s administrator.

“It only took two weeks from when we installed it until everybody was up and running. The app is self-instructing, and really simple to use, so the whole process went really quickly and smoothly”, says Krille.

Better overview and control

Ekmans Hedesunda has already processed 2,000 orders using the system, and they have not experienced any problems so far. Thanks to Workify, they have gained awareness of the entire chain, from customer order to invoicing, and they now have all their data gathered together in one place.

“The best things about Workify are that I have gained a better overview and more control over our jobs, we have saved around 30 hours a week by cutting out unnecessary manual work tasks, and we can now produce much better invoicing data. I sometimes used to get calls from customers who thought our delivery slips were not as clear as they could be, but I don’t get those kinds of calls anymore, which is a great positive”, explains Krille. “On the whole, we are incredibly pleased with Workify. We have discussions with Hiab about how we could develop the app even further, such as including integration with other systems, so it’s exciting that things will continue to get even better”, concludes Krille.

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Last edit 28 May 2021