Our approach

We started Workify because we saw that there was a need in the market that we could resolve. Our mission is to develop and sell systems that make a genuine difference for our customers. We want Workify to make life easier for our customers and to increase the efficiency of their work, so that they can devote more time to things that are more enjoyable, while also becoming more successful and more profitable.

Right from the beginning, we have worked in close collaboration with our customers. We began by listening and learning. What was a regular working day like for our customers? What were the things that worked well and where was there a need for improvement? What problems and challenges were they facing? What was getting in the way of their success? We observed, we listened and we learned – and then we developed Workify.

Workify is a product that will never be finished. We have an ongoing dialogue with our customers, and we continually develop our system to reflect changes in the market and the industry, as new needs and wishes arise or are identified. The system only includes those functions that the industry wants and needs – nothing else. Simplicity and industry-orientation are two of the system’s main advantages.

Those of us who work at Workify embrace change and development. We have a drive to constantly learn more, and we come to work each day in order to further develop a system that delivers genuine value for our customers. We hope that our customers agree!

Last edit 27 May 2021